Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm back after a very very very long while. To say the truth, I've lost a bit of interest in shoujo manga. When it comes to the deeper kind with lots of volumes like Red River or Basara, I still enjoy reading them a lot. However, the more superficial ones like smut or just short love stories have lost their initial excitement... well at least for me. Now, I prefer more slashy manga. For example, ilegenes and silver diamond.
Since quite a lot of people have requested Xia Ke Xing scanlated or just some mere RAWs, I've decided to scan the RAWs. I have them till volume 3. I hope no one has scanned those yet or I'll feel like I'm wasting my effort. Sorry about the scanlations because I doubt my scans will be of THAT good quality.

This site is owned by a a girl living in Singapore who loves anything shoujo-ish. This blog is where she rants about manga she has read and the anime she has watched. There will also be scanlations done entirely by her because she felt like sharing the manga with everyone else.
This site is a personal space for an otaku to express her love for shoujo manga and anime.
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